Sam Lancashire

“I never really thought much of my CV, it’s faired me well and I handed it in with not a second thought about it at many job interviews, and many of them I got the job.
However, recently I have decided to make my way up the career ladder and I looked at my single paged curriculum vitae and thought “would I hire me with a cv like that? ” the answer was no and I needed help! I’m shocking with words and only have an iPad to create my document on so I called in LuKas at work. I have to tell you I’m thrilled, the process was quick and easy, they listened to my requests and also looked at my job specification and really tailored my cv. I was given a choice of formats and the turn around time was fantastic.
The whole package was worth my while as I have an interview for my new job! Thanks LuKas!”

Sam Lancashire – CV Client


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